Two little miracle sons join the family, C.A.R.E fertility clinic, Durban

Our journey began in 2011 when it was discovered that hubby had a very rare condition which meant that natural conception was never going to be possible. At the end of 2011 we were referred to Dr Ramdeo at the Care Clinic (fertility clinic based in Durban), and at the beginning of 2012 we began what turned out to be a very long journey of undergoing fertility treatments, starting off with an IVF cycle in the January of that year. Everything went so well during the program, and so we were devastated when the results came back negative. Not giving up we proceeded with another cycle in May that year, with yet another failure. This continued for nearly 3 years with a total of 11 attempts (some attempts were not IVF). And finally on the 11th attempt, the phone call came through – “congratulations, your blood test results are positive”. What an incredible joy that was to hear! God had answered our prayers. Our little miracle was born mid-2015 and what an absolute joy he has been to us ever since. At the beginning of 2019 we felt ready to try again, and by the August, after 3 attempts this time, we were once again pregnant. Our second little miracle son was born in the first half of 2020 (under COVID-19 lock down, what a historic time to be born!). He is as precious as can be.

We would like to thank Dr Ramdeo and his wonderful staff at the Care Clinic for making our dreams come true, and for their support and care through what were very difficult times. Our journey with you spanned 8 years. Our family is now complete, and our hearts over flowing with love for our children.



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