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The C.A.R.E Clinic - Centre for Assisted Reproduction and Endocrinology

The C.A.R.E Clinic – Centre for Assisted Reproduction and Endocrinology in Kwa-Zulu Natal is a leading, independent fertility clinic. The Clinic was first conceived in 1994 in Westville Hospital but has since expanded to a free-standing fertility clinic, located in the heart of Westville, close to Central Durban and Westville Hospital.

As a specialised healthcare provider, Our clinic has spent the last sixteen years establishing a track record that is above the national and WHO average. We have helped over 2,000 couples to date to become parents through ART.


Baby Mila

Introducing Mila Elizabeth Rouillon, born 29 april 2020 at 11:12 am; 51 cm and3.99 kgs. “We are absolutely in love with our precious angel. Mommy and baby are doing well. Thank you for Dr Ramdeo and the team from CARE Clinic for giving us our final piece of the puzzle, she is absolutely perfect in

C.A.R.E Clinic’s and Africa’s first Babies born following Aneuploidy Screening using a Next Generation Sequencing platform.

The C.A.RE clinic proudly reports 3 successful cases of Live Birth, all following Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A), using the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform Case 1 This patient was a 39 year old woman who presented with primary infertility for 7 years and a previous history of Chondrosarcoma of the left Scapula which

Our Journey to Parenthood – By Ingrid Robertson

When I met my husband in 2008, I was 37 years old and was aware that I would have difficulty conceiving naturally. My husband had a practical view-if you want children and can have medical  assistance to achieve this, then that is all that matters. So began years of living in hope, saving, disappointments, wanting