Egg Donors

Egg donors are always welcomed due to the growing waiting list for egg donors. Your egg donation typically takes a few weeks but this temporary change in lifestyle could create a brand new future for childless couples whose only hope of falling pregnant is through our generous donation.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, please contact

Types of egg donors

  • Anonymous Donors (Donors donating eggs anonymously to recipients they do not know)
  • Known Donors (Donors donating eggs to an individual that they do know)

Can I be an egg donor?

Egg donors undergo a screening process in order to determine if they are fit for egg donation. If you fit the following criteria and meet the requirements, you would be an ideal candidate for egg donation and we encourage you to donate.

Egg donors:

  • Must not be older than 35 years of age
  • Must not smoke
  • Must have a body mass index which is less than 32
  • Must have an approved family and medical history
  • Must have approved blood screening
  • Will be required to administer their own stimulatory injections or attend the clinic in order for these injections to be administered by the nursing staff

Egg donors may consent to donating to as many as 6 families. You may be required to attend the clinic for scheduled appointments which is imperative. This may temporarily affect your lifestyle, however stimulation and monitoring generally lasts for 8-10 days with only 3-4 visits expected during this period.