PRP-Ovarian & Uterine Rejuvenation

Stem cells are present in the human ovary and can be stimulated using Growth factors to form eggs, as shown by Harvard Research.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a solution of concentrated platelets which is derived from Human peripheral blood following centrifugation.

Platelets carry a host of 800 proteins and bioactive factors. This has beneficial effects such as tissue regeneration, angiogenesis activation, inflammatory cytokines, and cell migration and for cellular differentiation and proliferation.

In this instance, it is used for Ovarian rejuvenation and follicular genesis in patients with ovarian insufficiency viz. Premature Ovarian failure and premature menopausal women. It is also actively used for Uterine regeneration in patients with Asherman syndrome, failed implantation, perimenopausal


The method of Preparation is simple. It involves extracting peripheral blood from the patient, centrifuging the blood and collecting all the platelets into a concentrate, followed by injection of the solution into the ovary. The rich PRP growth factors e.g. PDGF1, enhances angiogenesis, growth and regrowth. PDGF2 have been identified in the oocytes and granulosa.

Ovarian stem cells have been identified in ovarian cortical tissue. All have the possibility of developing into oocytes.

Once the PRP is injected into the ovary via Laparoscopic procedure or transvaginal procedure, the FSH, AMH, E2 and LH are monitored monthly for six months. Once the levels change positively, then there is strong evidence of Ovarian Rejuvenation and the patient can be boarded for treatment.

This treatment is suitable for: menopausal women, perimenopausal women under Age 50, infertile women over the age of 33 with low ovarian reserve and low AMH, and women with Premature Ovarian failure.

Uterine rejuvenation can be done as a day procedure.

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