Welcome to C.A.R.E Clinic

C.A.R.E Clinic (Fertility Clinic Durban) is the “brain child” of Dr Ramdeo which was established in 1994 as the first independent freehold private infertility unit in KwaZulu-Natal. This establishment was initially based in Westville Hospital, where Doctor Ramdeo, with this help of his embryologist, Sandy Slogrove, provided a new solution to patients struggling with infertility. This clinic was the first exclusive and in-house facility which laid the foundation for a long-standing, fully equipped and smooth-running clinic which has serviced many infertility patients to date.

The Very Beginning

Dr Anil Ramdeo’s journey first began when he was awarded a UN Scholarship to study medicine in University College Dublin – from which he graduated in 1981. He then obtained a Postgraduate qualification in Gynaecology & Obstetrics in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Dr Ramdeo continued to pursue a higher purpose & qualification and proceeded to sub-specialize in reproductive medicine at the Regional Fertility Unit in Belfast under the mentorship of Dr Anthony Traub and Professor Thompson.

” With the guidance of these mentors, Dr Ramdeo also undertook several research projects into sperm function and treatment”

Doctor Ramdeo returned to South Africa in January 1992 and worked as a consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and also as the Head of the Endocrinology & Fertility unit at Nelson Mandela School of Medicine. In February 1994, he initiated the set-up the first fully functional fertility unit in Westville Hospital, together with Sandy Slogrove , Razia Hussain and Consultant, Sheena Robinson (from the Regional Fertility Unit- Belfast. Twenty three years ago, they achieved the first IVF pregnancy in Westville Hospital – “The Hill twins” , as they are known. Their first IVF pregnancy achieved within the first month following the commissioning of the unit.

With the exponential growth of the clinic, Dr Ramdeo aspired to provide cryobanking facilities and went on to set up the first cryobanking facility in KZN, along with his Senior Embryologist, Kinnon Naidoo. This provided services for fertility patients, cancer patients as well as patients undergoing treatment for medical conditions that may affect their fertility. Thanks to its newly offered services, Care clinic was the first to execute the first frozen embryo pregnancy, in South Africa.

In February 2006, the CARE team took the next step in its path to success. The practice moved to an independent location in Westville – 21 Jan Hofmeyer Road. This became the first independent, free-hold, ultra-modern, specialised, stand-alone fertility clinic in South Africa. Doctor Ramdeo went on to establish the first dedicated Reproductive HIV unit. It is situated in the tranquil area of Westville, surrounded by beautiful greenery and gardens, with excellent security and on-site parking.

What happened next?

Care Clinic had been known to provide the latest in fertility services to its patients. A new screening tool , known as FISH, had emerged in the Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) field. Dr Ramdeo, together with Kinnon Naidoo, established a dedicated lab to screen embryos for Whole Chromosomal Genetic abnormalities. Not long after, a similar, more advanced technique for PGS, known as Array CGH, was established. The Care Genetics department then equipped their lab to provide the latest Genetic screening services. Care Clinic became the first in South Africa to provide Array CGH and went on to achieve the very first Array CGH pregnancy and Array CGH baby to be born in South Africa, as well as in Africa in 2010.

Array CGH, a more advanced technique at the time, allowed Care clinic to expand the services offered by the Genetics lab. A family beset with recurrent miscarriage and mental handicap due to a chromosomal disorder, came to Care in search of help. This case was different from others – A three-way translocation that could be passed on to offspring. Although complicated, the Care team rallied together to find a solution. Using Array CGH, along with a specifically manipulated kit and protocol, the team was able to screen embryos for this translocation. Affected embryos were excluded and euploid embryos were selected, transferred and progressed to a successful pregnancy and live birth. ( Link to News Article: Live birth from a patient with a three-way balanced translocation)

And Now...

Sandy continues to work with Dr Ramdeo at the private clinic based in Westville. Over the years, Care clinic has continued to grow , employing and training specialized personnel & techniques to provide state of the art facilities and services, using the latest in technology.

Care Clinic is equipped with its own IVF laboratory, Advanced Genetic Laboratory and diagnostic facilities, Cryobanking facilities, and highly specialised theatre facilities, ALL under one roof. The practice also offers specialised nursing support.

Meet The Dr Ramdeo

The C.A.R.E Clinic’s founder, Dr Anil Ramdeo, says “Infertility is a highly charged, complex topic, with one in six women world-wide experiencing fertility problems.