How it Works

How does the programme work?

Anonymous donors donate eggs to a recipient whom they do not know. These eggs are to be fertilized with either sperm of their partner or of a donor through IVF/ICSI treatment. Potential egg donors are required to undergo screening tests in order to insure there is no cause that may prevent them from donating eggs. Prior to the eggs being used, the pen picture of the donor will be matched to a potential recipient.

This pen picture includes physical characteristics such as eye colour, hair colour, build etc. This process does not divulge any identifying information to ensure anonymity. The donated eggs may either be used fresh in the invent that the donor and recipients cycles have been co-ordinated, or the eggs may be frozen for use in a later cycle.


Our anonymous donors make numerous visits to the clinic during the donation process. These visits include appointments to discuss consent, stimulatory appointments and appointments for monitoring purposes as well as a final appointment for the egg collection procedure. The travel expenses incurred by the donor is remunerated by a sum of up to R7000 – R8000.

Known Egg Donors

Known eggs donors donate eggs to a recipient they know. There is no remuneration by the clinic, involved in this type of donation. The recipient however, can offer to pay for their donors expenses, but this sum must comply with the maximum outlined amount.