The Process

Starting the Process

The process starts once you begin your period and have informed the clinic. Your treatment may be coordinated with your recipient or you may begin straight away.

Ovarian stimulation and monitoring

You will be given ovary stimulating medication which must be taken as instructed. Over the next two weeks you will be required to attend the clinic a few times a week for scans and possibly blood tests which will enable us to monitor your response to the medication.

Trigger Injection

Once your follicles are ready, the stimulation period will come to an end with an injection that will cause the eggs to mature, readying them for collection. This injection is typically administered 36-40 hours prior to egg collection.

Egg Collection

Egg collection takes place 36-40 hours following the trigger injection. The procedure takes about half an hour and you will be given drugs which make you sleepy during the procedure. With the help of a scanning probe, a very fine needle is passed through the vaginal wall and into the ovary to collect the eggs. Usually around 80% of the follicles contain an egg. Once egg collection is done, you will be able to return home on the same day following a short period of rest at the clinic. You will require transport as you will not be permitted to drive o the same day.

Final tests

You will be required to return the clinic after about 2 weeks following the egg collection. At this appointment your final blood tests will be done. This is not required if your eggs are frozen after collection.

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