From single woman to Joyous mom

The care clinic Westville provided me with the opportunity to have my baby which I have always dreamt about. I chose to have a baby as a single mum. Everyone at the clinic provided me with support and encouragement throughout my journey.

Dr Ramdeo has mastered the art of fertility medicine. He is well informed of the latest advances in the field and his establishment encompasses the latest technologies. 

Everyone at the practice is professional and they provide a safe and welcoming environment. The thought of undertaking the ivf process can be a daunting one but I found myself at ease as everything was properly explained to me. The nurses have a vast knowledge and are always happy to answer all the questions posed to them. 

I would highly recommend Dr Ramdeo and his team to anyone wanting to conceive a child. Furthermore I would strongly advise women who are planning on having kids later in life, see Dr Ramdeo with regard to retrieving and freezing their eggs. It’s a decision you will never regret. 

My journey with the care clinic was a positive and pleasurable one which resulted in the birth of my beautiful baby boy. I am forever grateful for my blessing. 


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