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Egg Donation & Sharing

Egg donation

Egg donation is suitable for women who fail to produce eggs, have had cancer treatment, have genetic abnormalities, have had repeated IVF failure using their own eggs and older women who have a higher risk of transmitting Down syndrome to their baby.

Egg donation is the donation of eggs from one woman to another. The donor can be anonymous, a relative or a friend. C.A.R.E Clinic works with egg donor agencies in addition to having its own egg donor bank. C.A.R.E Clinic has a wide range of donors from all cultures and backgrounds. All egg donors remain anonymous by law. Should you wish to choose an egg donor, a profile of the egg donor including physical characteristics, hobbies, occupation and lifestyle habits will be provided.

Egg sharing

Egg sharing is used when both donor and recipient are receiving treatment and provides the opportunity for IVF treatment for infertile couples who are prepared to share some of the eggs. The principle of egg sharing is that eggs are collected from the donor and shared equally between donor and recipient. Egg sharing may help both couples – it provides eggs for those who need them and also allows subsidized IVF treatment for sub-fertile couples who are prepared to share their eggs.

Our donors are anonymous and undergo extensive screening prior to being boarded for any ovum donor programme. Donors are paid a nominal fee to cover their expenses.