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Second array CGH baby


Baby Jesse born on the 23rd April 2012 weighing a healthy 3.3 kg.

“I am sure our IVF journey started and progressed much like the many couples before us, but when Dr. Ramdeo of the C.A.R.E clinic told us about array CGH screening, we knew it was something unique. It didn’t take us long to decide that it was a non-negotiable part of our IVF plan. Three days after our egg retrieval (with ICSI) we had three viable embryos. These underwent the CGH screening at which stage one embryo was deemed to have some genetic defects. The remaining two embryos were transferred on the 17th August 2011. On the 23rd April 2012, our perfectly healthy baby boy was born. Throughout the pregnancy we had complete peace-of-mind that the developing baby would be healthy and normal – and he is! If ever we decide to grow our family, we would definitely go the CGH screening route. Our best regards to Dr. Ramdeo, the PGD team and the rest of the C.A.R.E clinic staff who made our journey so memorable and our lives so complete.”

Lauren and Richard