Striving for Fertility Excellence for 19 Years

About the C.A.R.E Clinic

The C.A.R.E Clinic (Centre for Assisted Reproduction and Endocrinology) in Kwa-Zulu Natal is a leading, independent fertility clinic. The C.A.R.E. Clinic was first conceived in 1994 in Westville Hospital but has since expanded to a free-standing fertility clinic, located in the heart of Westville, close to Central Durban and Westville Hospital.

Dr Ramdeo

Dr Ramdeo

The C.A.R.E Clinic’s founder, Dr Anil Ramdeo, says “Infertility is a highly charged, complex topic, with one in six women world-wide experiencing fertility problems. And he notes that the problems are getting worse due to our lifestyle, environment and couples leaving it later and later to have babies. We at the C.A.R.E Clinic can help. Our team is passionate about the treatment we offer here at the C.A.R.E Clinic”.

As a specialised healthcare provider, the C.A.R.E Clinic has spent the last twelve years establishing a track record that is above the national and WHO average. The C.A.R.E Clinic has helped over 1,000 couples to date to become parents through ART.